‘Going to Cuylenburg’
‘De Appelgaard’ is located on the banks of the river Lek, less than two kilometers away from the pleasant old city center of Culemborg. This historic city received its city rights in the year 1318 and has traditionally been a prosperous trading settlement. Culemborg became a place of refuge where the Dutch law did not apply. In the 16th and 17th centuries, criminals and people with debts sought refuge in Culemborg, in order to avoid justice and creditors. The expression ‘Going to Cuylenburg’ therefore meant that people were bankrupt and withdrawn from their responsibilities. Nowadays this no longer applies, but with its distinctive city center and its beautiful location on the river, Culemborg is still a place of refuge.

Visit the cosy city center with its historic buildings, nice shops and galleries and the pleasant restaurants. Get to know the rich history of the city during a city walk. There is free guided tour every first Saturday of the month.

Visit the picturesque villages in the area of Culemborg, such as Wijk bij Duurstede, Beusichem, Buren and Beesd. The provincial capitals Utrecht and Den Bosch can both be reached within a twenty minute train ride. 

Cycling and walking
‘De Appelgaard’ is located on the dyke of Beusichem, close to cycle junction 42. There is a wide range of beautiful cycling and walking routes that take you through all the beautiful spots of the Betuwe.

Estate ‘Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt’ is a wonderful destination for a cycling or walking tour as well. The tour crosses between the rivers Lek and Linge, past cultural-historical monuments and over the famous ‘Appeldijkje’.

Several so-called ‘Klompenpaden’ (‘wooden shoe paths’) lead past De Appelgaard, such as the Kuilenburgerpad and the Engelrodepad. These circular walks connect different natural areas with each other, such as ‘De Regulieren’ and ‘De Marienwaerdt’.

Castles and forts
Amerongen Castle and Slot Loevestein make for easy destinations to go to during your stay.

Dutch Waterline (Waterlinie)

  • The Dutch Waterline with its many forts such as Werk aan het Spoel, Fort Honswijk and Fort Everdingen is worth a visit
  • Fort Everdingen is part of the New Dutch Waterline and is named after the neighboring village of Everdingen. Together with Fort Honswijk, the fort forms the monumental Lek-access.
  • The Linie-ferry sails in summer season between Fort Everdingen, Fort Werk aan het Spoel and Werk aan de Groeneweg. For current sailing times, visit

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